Telegram bots to stay updated with the latest from your favorite sources

Welcome to our collection of Telegram bots that make it easy to stay informed about the latest updates from your favorite social media platforms and RSS feeds.


TwiTelegram allows you to follow any Twitter profile or hashtag and receive notifications as soon as new content is posted. No more constantly checking your Twitter feed - let TwiTelegram do the work for you.


With Feed2Telegram, you can follow social media and RSS feeds and get notified as soon as something new is posted. The bot supports RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube, and VK, so you can stay informed about a wide variety of sources. To subscribe, just send the bot a link to a profile or RSS feed (or use the "Share" feature from any app).


RSSTelegram is a Telegram bot that allows you to follow your favorite RSS feeds and get notified as soon as new content is posted. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from your favorite websites and blogs without constantly checking your feeds.


ТвиттерБот - это русскоязычная версия TwiTelegram, которая позволяет следить за профилями и хэштегами на Twitter и получать уведомления, как только появляется новое содержимое. Будьте в курсе самых последних твитов, не выходя из Telegram.